Digital means different things to different people but one thing is clear – most businesses don’t interpret digital in the most effective way.

Resetting the expectation of what digital is or can be cuts across traditional organisational structures and can deliver value throughout a business.

Digital is not just technology

Technology enables you to do so many things. New technology capabilities are coming to market all the time. Being able to identify and procure technologies is important but it shouldn’t drive your strategy in digital.

Digital is not just marketing

Digital is often talked about in the context of marketing channels: website, social media, digital ads or mobile app for instance. Yes, these are examples of digital but they don’t represent the entirety of what digital can bring to a business.

Digital is not just innovation

Digital is not all about new and shiny technology or the latest trends. It can be much more integral to your core business. Many organisations don’t know where to put anything that’s new or trust it with full business backing. New technology uses are often relegated to an “innovation lab” or assigned to junior staff to safely experiment with rather than given more central prominence.

Digital is always evolving

Digital transformation is never done. What digital can bring to a business will change over time, so you need to keep adapting. Do nothing, and the gap between what you’re doing and what you could be doing will grow and you risk leaving an open goal for your competitors to score.

Digital is your business

Rewrite Digital casts the net wide to identify opportunities across digital in its broadest sense. Unlike some other consultancies we do this in a quick, cost effective way. And unlike an agency, we’re completely independent of delivery services and 100% impartial in our recommendations. We’re working for your best interests and no-one else.

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