HoxbyHoxby is a leading agency challenger, spearheading what Forbes have dubbed the “Freelance 3.0” era. With rapid growth, yet zero employees, Hoxby came to Rewrite Digital to unleash the power of digital to support their ambitious trajectory.

The challenge

from mind blown to zenHoxby has grown to over 1,000 people in just a few years and continues its aspirations to be an “Exponential Organisation”.

Effectively managing the community has been extremely challenging to fulfil, given a very small core team and no permanent employees.

How can digital transform a large and growing team from an administrative burden into a high performing collective power?

The opportunity

the perfect blend of community, values and digitalDigital has the potential be a significant enabler of growth and efficiency for Hoxby if harnessed in the right way.

From adopting lean principles to enabling greater self-service, automation and upskilling the community, digital can complement Hoxby’s community and values to support its “Massive Transformational Purpose” (MTP).

The solution

Rewrite Digital conducted a comprehensive audit of Hoxby’s digital maturity and effectiveness, highlighting key gaps and opportunities.

Changes were recommended to the organisational structure, use of automation, KPIs and reporting, approach to innovation, training, digital experiences, use of data, automation and self-service.

A 2-year roadmap was proposed, with a more detailed 3-month plan including specific project activity with business case, costs, timings, resource requirements and projected outcomes.

The results

The digital plan is currently being rolled out over Q4 2019 and into 2020.

A Digital Director is now responsible for delivering and evolving Hoxby’s use of digital to improve internal performance, community experience and client revenue.

Live KPI reporting dashboards are now in place and the self-serve platform, MyHoxby, has over 75% adoption rate.

The community grew by a further 25% in Q3 2019.