(credit: M P Hennessey)

Get an instant score for the digital maturity and effectiveness of your organisation and a chance to win a free digital audit in this quick 10 question quiz. Prize draw terms and conditions

**Note: prize draw now closed but you can still complete the quiz to get your score**

1. How is digital embedded throughout your organisation?

2. What’s your approach to innovation?

3. How is automation and machine learning used in your organisation?

4. What role does digital play in driving efficiencies and profitability for your organisation?

5. How do you measure and act on customer satisfaction?

6. How do you maintain and evolve your digital products?

7. How do you decide on what new technologies or platforms to adopt for your organisation?

8. What implicit and explicit data do you collect on your audience?

9. How do you use data to personalise experiences and/or target customers?

10. What role do your customers have in product development?

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