We expect all our interactions with businesses to be like this (photo by Mark Warner)

As consumers we’re adopting digital technology more and more each day and our expectations continue to rise.

Whether it be expecting Strava to accurately record your morning run, Netflix to know where you are in your favourite series (regardless of which device you’re using) or Alexa to alert you when your train is going to be late, you rely on technology to just work, whichever website, app or company you’re interacting with.

This increasing expectation puts pressure on all businesses to up their game when it comes to digital. Is your business really doing everything it can to keep up with these changes?

Do you benchmark what you’re doing now with what you did last year and what your direct competitors are doing rather than the tech giants you as a consumer interact with every day? Your customers are almost certainly doing the latter.

You may argue that the game is already over. How can you move as fast as the largest and most funded companies in the world? You are competing with those companies but only in part. Amazon isn’t an energy supplier (yet) or drinks manufacturer (yet). However, you do need to be doing everything you can the bridge the gap at least as fast as your direct competitors and new disrupters.

McKinsey reports that companies moving quickly in response to digital competition generate nearly twice the revenue growth of those playing it safe.

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