Rewrite Digital was launched just a few months ago at the start of September 2018. We take a look back on what we’ve achieved in this short space of time and look ahead to 2019.

Thought leadership

We launched a series of articles on how businesses are falling short on digital – covering industries as diverse as drinks, insurance, energy and travel.

Despite the drinks industry’s heavy reliance on branding and marketing and the untapped potential of online sales, we asked why so few drinks companies invest in digital. We later revealed how drinks get diluted by Amazon price promotions.

In insurance, we exposed the new breeds of Insurtech and how they score above even the most innovative incumbents for digital maturity and effectiveness.

In the highly competitive and volatile energy market, we analysed how only those who harness digital to move smartly and quickly will win out.

And in travel, we highlighted how the most advanced companies are accelerating away from the rest of the pack and gave our Rough Guide to being a travel company in 2019.

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Media exposure

Rewrite Digital’s articles have featured in a slew of digital and industry publications including:

We’ve got more features under wraps including an exciting new collaboration, so make sure you follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest.

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Elevating brands

Most importantly of all, we’ve been conducting digital audits and helping businesses elevate the way they look at digital.

We’ve unearthed the short and long term digital opportunities for a pioneering new drinks brand, equipping them to put digital first and overtake the competition.

We’ve helped to ignite a new digital marketplace for sharing skills and time with trust at its core. And we’ve developed the digital strategy for a new sports business bringing personalised media and data through a powerful digital platform.

Rewrite Digital in 2019

A warm thank you to everyone who’s supported our mission to date. We hope to bring more of you on board our journey into 2019.

As digital continues to be rewritten, we constantly monitor the latest innovations, opportunities and expectations businesses face.

In 2019, machine learning, open platforms and empathic technology will take more of a role, as will the infiltration of digital-first businesses in every industry with the scale and pace to threaten incumbents.

Are you prepared for the year ahead? Whether you’re an early stage business with no clue how digital can help or an enterprise digital leader, we can help you to stay ahead of relentless change.

Find out more about our digital audit or get in touch.