Rewrite Digital’s Jon Reay was interviewed by Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) on how to set up businesses for success with Digital Transformation.

SVIC enables global corporations to accelerate innovation by connecting them with Silicon Valley technology companies and startups.

In this interview, which was originally streamed live, Jon Reay offers his perspective on how companies can best innovate with digital.

In the midst of our current digital revolution, innovation is no longer optional for companies.

Alongside core business, enterprises need to constantly work on new products and services if they wish to remain successful.

Yet while most companies understand this imperative, they are less clear on how to put it into practice.

Many organisations fail to acknowledge the full extent and urgency of digital opportunities.

How do you know which initiatives to devote your resources to?

How can you implement change management to keep pace with emerging technologies and new entrants?

In this interview, Jon Reay shared why challenges to digital adoption persist and offered guidance on how they can be overcome.

Watch the interview in full below.