We’ve seen unprecedented and accelerated growth in the use of digital since the onset of Covid-19.

Organisations in every industry have had to rapidly and radically rethink how they operate and engage with audiences. Consumers have changed their attitudes, behaviour and adoption of digital too.

Even as businesses and society open up again, learned behaviour, new rules and persistent concerns mean there’s no going back to how things were before. This is the new different.

Rewrite Digital CEO & Founder, Jon Reay, presented a talk on this topic as part of Digital Leaders Week 2020 this week.

Key takeaways:

  • McKinsey reported in May 2020 that we’ve vaulted five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption in just eight weeks

  • In general, organisations have given much greater weight to digital or accelerated their adoption of it. However, this time has also widened the digital divide for organisations and consumers

  • Innovation becomes expectation, faster, as consumers adopt and sustain new mindsets and behaviours

  • Consumers have adopted 5 new digital norms:
    1. Buy anything online and direct
    2. Join shared virtual experiences (with video)
    3. Use mobile to enhance physical experiences
    4. Use mobile apps for ‘always on’ engagement
    5. Willingness to share data if it has personal or societal value

  • Digital will continue to accelerate, with themes such as: more blended experiences (physical and digital working together); more intelligent use of data; increased personalisation, automation and machine learning; and entirely new models for industries like travel, retail and the arts

  • Keep up with new digital norms by: listening to your customers and your target market; monitoring the tech landscape and competitors within and outside your category; deciding what and when is right for your organisation; getting internal (board level) buy-in; equipping your staff with new skills and mindsets and supporting your customers too

A full video recording of the talk and the slides are now available for free below.