On 2 November 2020, our CEO & Founder, Jon Reay, joined other stakeholders for Lloyds Banking Group’s Big Conversation to discuss the challenges, opportunities and critical areas of support needed to facilitate a green recovery.

The Big Conversation: Helping Britain Recover was a three-month series of discussions bringing together local businesses, policy makers, community leaders and experts from all regions and nations of the UK. Lloyds wanted to prompt an open debate about the challenges facing the country and how we might recover.

The key issues discussed were:

  • The urgency of the pandemic risks overshadowing the sustainability agenda
  • But, COVID-19 has shown that accelerated change is possible
  • Energy efficiency is a tangible way to address climate change
  • There is scope to increase public engagement in a sustainable future
  • Close collaboration across sectors is needed to drive meaningful action
  • Integrating low carbon solutions into recovery packages will motivate businesses to invest

One theme from The Big Conversation was how the lack of digital skills is holding back the potential of businesses and individuals alike.

This requires focus on digital connectivity in its broadest sense, including fast and reliable infrastructure, access to the right devices and a deeper and wider digital skills base. Much as the UK has a universal service obligation for broadband, a similar commitment is needed on a minimum set of skills that all individuals should possess.

Rewrite Digital is committed to help bridge the digital skills divide. We partner with Lloyds Banking Group and other bodies such as Digital Leaders to support organisations to grow their digital skills, maturity and effectiveness.

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