For the second year running, Rewrite Digital has designed and developed the Digital Futures report for the fitness and leisure sector in partnership with ukactive and Sport England.

Digital Futures 2022 is based on consultation with public and private operators, representing more than 1,800 sites across the UK and serving an estimated 4.5 million members nationwide.

Key findings of Digital Futures 2022:

  • The overall score for the sector’s digital maturity and effectiveness is 51% in 2022 (down from 55% in 2021). The index describes this level (40-59%) as ‘Digital Experimenter’, typically meaning that operators are making great strides forward but missing the investment, goal alignment and rapid advances to yield a strong performance.
  • Operators who participated in both the 2021 and 2022 consultations scored higher on average than last year, indicating a positive impact on performance.
  • Three operators reached Digital Leader status, scoring 80% or more, compared to just one in 2021.
  • 24% of operators scored less than 40%, compared to just 11% in 2021.
  • As with last year, private operators score higher than public operators for all areas of digital, with university operators scoring lower still.

We’re proud to continue the partnership with ukactive and Sport England this year and look forward to supporting the fitness and leisure sector in 2023 too, extending the reach of Digital Futures to National Governing Bodies in sport, the Active Partnership Network and other territories outside the UK.

Read more and download the report here