Your 2021 business strategy: Be more digital

Digital is rapidly advancing. Businesses that are leading with digital are leaving those who aren’t increasingly far behind. Failing to keep the pace of digital change is killing businesses. How do you ensure you’re not one of them? What’s happening? Every industry is currently experiencing significant change. Covid-19 has of course had a huge influence, … Continue reading Your 2021 business strategy: Be more digital

The digitised world of drinks in 2021

The world has changed considerably in 2020. Travel has ground to a halt. Shops have shut their doors. Pubs, bars and restaurants have been empty. Covid-19 has challenged the whole drinks industry to rethink how it operates. Yet consumers have adapted. Overall drinks sales have remained surprisingly resilient. Off-trade alcohol sales in the UK are expected … Continue reading The digitised world of drinks in 2021

‘Vocktail’ gives a multi-sensory experience

The 'Vocktail’, developed by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Keio University, Japan, goes beyond Virtual Reality (VR) for a multi-sensory experience. This cocktail plays on the drinker’s sense of smell, sight and taste, pumping scents straight to the nose, electric pulses to stimulate the taste buds and lights to influence perception.