Rewrite Digital is proud to be part of the collaboration to launch the world’s first artificial intelligence gin – Monker’s Garkel.

Together with technology scientists Tiny Giant and Bristol’s Psychopomp Microdistillery, we created this unique spirit that simply wouldn’t have been conceivable without the aid of Ginette, the neural network at the heart of this pioneering new innovation.

The recipe, name, branding, label and comms are all generated from AI. A fine example of how digital is not just enhancing the experience and what happens outside the bottle but the liquid inside too.

AI has enabled us to bring together a fresh new set of botanicals better* and faster than with human intervention alone.

*Try it and have your say: It’s available to buy now. But hurry, there will only ever be 1,000 bottles of this fine liquid made.

Learn more about Monker’s Garkel and Ginette at the gin’s official website.